Email newsletters ( "e-newsletters") can be highly beneficial to your business. Not only can they help you distribute information to a wide audience at very little cost; they can help you revive an old customer base and increase overall sales for your business. WEEKFISH can provide professional designed graphic e-newsletter development and make your email communications stand out.

    What are the benefits of E-Newsletters?

    • Increase the effectiveness of your marketing
    • Strengthen existing customer relations
    • Target new customer prospects
    • Offer coupons and incentives
    • Create an open line of communication with your customers
    • Present yourself as an industry expert
    • Drive traffic to your web site
    • Eliminate print, mail house and postage costs
    • Measure the effectiveness of your marketing efforts
    • Keep in touch and BUILD stronger relationships with your group/list

    We provide the following with our e-newsletter design services:

    • Custom Designed Email Newsletters
      Leave a lasting impression with a custom newsletter templates that reflect your company's unique style and brand.
    • Personalization
      Personalize mass messages/mailings with individual name(s).
    • Email List Building
      We provide you with a customizable "Join our mailing list" signup tag for your web site.
    • Import/Export
      Easily import your existing permission-based email lists. View and export of all your email lists.
    • Customizable Signup Form
      Set up interest categories and collect demographic information from your subscribers. Easily customize the look & feel of the form to meet your unique requirements.
    • Subscriber Management
      Every email includes a one-click Unsubscribe link assuring your subscribers that you have used a legitimate permission-based system.
    • Forward to a Friend
      Watch your email list grow as your customers and visitors send your promotions, newsletters event invitations or coupons to their friends and associates.





    "Great things in business are never done by one person. They're done by a team of people."

    - Steve Jobs



























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