Big advertising budgets in the auto industry have attracted hordes of companies eager to take your marketing dollars and spend them on "set it and forget it" campaigns that don't work! Sure you're getting some traffic, but where are your leads? Or you're getting leads, but those customers never convert. We understand your frustration and strive to be the breath of fresh air in the industry.

​Our campaigns:

Use Oracle & Polk data to focus on In-Market Shoppers

Retarget customers as they go through the car buying journey

Optimize towards driving VIN specific leads to your CRM

Are held accountable with Sales Influence Reports


Dynamic Inventory Ads

Showcase your vehicles directly on Facebook & Instagram Feeds

The Best Facebook Advertising for Dealers

You don't have to wait for customers to find your dealership on Google, and you don't have to compete in the price race to the bottom on third party listing sites! Use Dynamic Inventory Ads to get your inventory in front of local in-market shoppers where the majority of their attention is: Facebook and Instagram.

Unlike traditional social media advertising, our campaigns are optimized to drive leads to your CRM and ultimately increase sales for your dealership, not just generate likes, comments, and page follows.

​Our Dealers LOVE

  ● Complete VIN-specific leads to CRM

  ● VDP traffic from local in-market shoppers

  ● Sales Influence Report to measure ROI

Our Strategy

Put the right vehicles in front of the right shopper

In-Market Audiences | Retargeting | Lead Capture to CRM | Sales Influence Report

Dealer Classifieds Ads

Generate a huge volume of leads on for a low cost

Powerful and Cost Efficient Lead Generation:

Our fully managed Craigslist + Facebook Marketplace + Letgo solution syncs with your feed and lists your inventory on the most popular classifieds sites. Our smart posting logic selects the right vehicles to post at times where there are more active shoppers. Save yourself the time and headache of manually managing your classifieds advertising!

If your dealership is starving for leads, classifieds advertising is the best way to quickly start generating phone calls and chats from local shoppers interested in your inventory.

Our Dealers LOVE

  ● Fully managed posting

  ● Beautiful ad templates

  ● Low cost per lead

Our Strategy

Post your inventory on the best days and times

Smart Post Logic | optimal posting Schedule | Search optimized ads | PRICE UPDATES & DELETES

Offer & Brand Ads

Geofence your competitor's dealership and promote your brand

Highly Targeted Advertising:

With the power of Facebook Ads, you can serve relevant ads to customers who would be interested in the services you provide.

Example Campaigns:

  ● Serve oil change coupons to local brand (Ford, Chevy, Honda, Kia, etc.) owners

  ● Show your new car specials to customers on a competitor's lot

  ● Let students know you have new driver specials

  ● Generate special finance leads

The possibilities are endless! Let us know your advertising goals and we'll work with you to create a highly effective and Microtargeted campaign.

Our Dealers LOVE

  ● Strengthening brand in the community

  ● Microtargeting with relevant offers

  ● Showing ads at a competitor location

Our Strategy

Target interested customers with relevant offers



Facebook Marketplace Disrupts AutoTrader, Craigslist, Cars.com and more Facebook is partnering with 3rd party lead providers like Cars.com, but long term, Marketplace is positioned to be the main listing location online.

Marketplace has four major advantages over other third party lead providers, like AutoTrader, Craigslist, Cars.com, CarGurus, Kijiji and more.

  ● Social Promotion

  ● Location

  ● Attention

  ● Price

Social Promotion on Facebook Marketplace:
Buyers can message sellers directly via Facebook Messenger or share the product to their network. Thus, sellers in Facebook quickly get their products in front of the people or groups who will be most interested.

Monthly Services:

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