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Each month you will receive a 3 hour marketing/sales coaching/training webinar for just $99.95 per month!
Also included are weekly marketing tips and latest marketing news.

- How-To-Social Media
- Social Media Management
- Social Media Marketing
- Social Media ADs
- Video Creation
- AD Design

- Digital Marketing Coaching
- Reputation Management
- Sales Coaching
- Customer Experience Coaching
- Latest Marketing Trends
- Marketing Strategy
- General Study/Coaching

Monthly Training

Social Media Strategy

  ● Objectives and goals: Set targets and KPIs

  ● Target audience: How to identify your ideal target and build a personal

  ● Platforms: Locate your audience on social media and find the right platform

  ● Competitive analysis: Find out where your competitors are

  ● Content: Choose the right kind of content, plus when and how often to post it

  ● Resourcing: How to resource social activity effectively

  ● Online reputation: Why it’s important and best-practice techniques

  ● Ethics: Guidance on the codes of ethics and expected methods of engagement online

  ● Legalities: Understanding the legal constrictions of engaging in social activity

  ● Integration: How to effectively integrate social activity into your current comms plans

Content Strategy

  ● Platform strategy: How to focus your time across social platforms that best fit your business objectives

  ● Content calendar: How to build a working content plan to boost efficiency and drive results

  ● Content type: How to best plan your mix of copy, image, video and other multimedia content

  ● Creative development: How to creatively plan content to maximize community engagement

  ● Post frequency: Best practice for planning the number of posts per day

  ● Post scheduling: Priority times to post to maximize engagement

  ● Corporate blogging: How to set up a corporate blog, grow a network, plan content and drive traffic


  ● Key stats: Everything you need to know about Facebook, its users and demographics

  ● Facebook Business Page: Why you need one and how to set it up

  ● Organic reach: How to maximize your ‘free’ engagement despite declining organic reach

  ● Algorithm updates: Discover what’s changed to affect the visibility of your stories in people’s news feeds

  ● Engagement rate: Why likes are still important, and how to drive high engagement levels

  ● Driving traffic: Proven techniques for growing a targeted audience on your Facebook Page

  ● Compelling content: The latest techniques and best-practice examples for generating interest in your brand

  ● Facebook tools: Comprehensive look at the latest updates to better manage your Facebook activity

  ● Facebook guidelines: Working effectively within current Facebook restrictions


  ● Introduction: Instagram’s key stats, plus comparative analysis with Facebook

  ● Business pages: A look at Instagram’s new features for businesses

  ● Instagram optimization: Set up your account and feed for success

  ● Format fundamentals: Best-practice use of photo filters and platform features

  ● Instagram video: Expert advice on filming your own standout videos

  ● Brand tagging: Maximizing use of Instagram’s feature allowing users to tag brands in photos

  ● Latest updates: Instagram Stories, LIVE, polls, Archive and other new features

  ● Influencer marketing: How to grow your community with the help of power users

  ● Best-practice tips and tools: How to grow, manage and measure your Instagram presence

Facebook And Instagram Advertising

  ● Ad placement: Discover where ads can be placed in Facebook

  ● Bulls-eye targeting: How to target ads by location, keyword, connection, demographic, & workplace

  ● Facebook bidding and budgeting: CPC versus CPM, plus tips and strategies for success

  ● Facebook creative best practice: Ensure your ads stand out and generate engagement

  ● Facebook Audiences: Learn about custom, lookalike and saved audiences

  ● Instagram ad best practice: Tips and techniques for advertising on Instagram

  ● Measure engagement: How to measure all aspects of audience engagement


  ● Relevancy: How YouTube stacks up to other video channels, plus key stats

  ● Branded channels: Creating and customizing your YouTube Channel

  ● Video production: How to creatively produce your own online video content

  ● New features: YouTube VR180, Red and YouTube Live profiled

  ● Organic promotion: Hands-on tips for driving views across the web

  ● Advertising on YouTube: Comprehensive overview of placing ads on the platform



  ● Twitter algorithm: Understanding recent and future timeline algorithm changes and their impact

  ● Profile customization: Best-practice guidance on making your profile work for you

  ● Visual Twitter and hashtags: How to make your tweets stand out and boost their reach

  ● Building a targeted follower base: How to strategically grow a loyal group of active, engaged followers

  ● Tools and techniques: Detailed analysis of the proliferation of free and paid-for Twitter tools

  ● Twitter advertising: Up-to-date run through of how to make most of Twitter advertising opps


  ● Personal Profiles: Developing a coherent strategy of best practice across your employee base

  ● Building a network: How to connect with current contacts & targeted industry professionals

  ● Status updates: Target your posts by company size, industry, job function, seniority or geography

  ● LinkedIn InMail: Best practice use of LinkedIn’s paid messages to people outside of your network

  ● LinkedIn Groups: Establishing a successful, engaged community

  ● Company Pages: Maximizing the effectiveness of your LinkedIn Page

  ● LinkedIn advertising: Detailed guidance on all paid-for advertising options available on LinkedIn


  ● Full overview: The latest demographic information, plus how key brands like ASOS and Etsy utilize the platform

  ● Business accounts: Full overview of tips and techniques to boost your business

  ● Visual content audit: Determine the best type of content to share on Pinterest

  ● Maximizing traffic: Techniques for maximizing use of Pinterest to drive targeted traffic to your website

  ● Pinterest key features: Comprehensive look at Rich Pins, Collaborative Boards, Lens and Promoted Pins

Social Media Analytics

  ● Metrics for success: Tried-and-tested metrics for measuring performance

  ● Google Analytics: Advanced techniques to track web traffic and page views

  ● Platform specific: Full overview of free proprietary analytics tools available on all social platforms

  ● Measurement tools: Advice on the free tools available online for tracking social activity

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